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Opening Windows

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Comfort, Safety & Reliability. Functionality & Resistance, high aesthetics, harmony with nature, but also energy saving systems. EURODOMICA opening systems provide optimum protection from cold, heat as well as noise, ensuring ideal internal conditions, excluding outside noise and water. They have been certified for waterproof, wind pressure and strength.

- Embraces double and triple glazing 10mm to 40mm

- Three rows of EPDM special gaskets for ultimate waterproofing

- Embraces a multiple locking system for greater safety

- Specially designed system for water drainage even with extreme windy conditions.

- Special drainage channels ensures the outflow of the water for complete tightness

- Tilt and Turn mechanism from the leading German firm GU

Sophisticated and modern design. Simple or Thermal Break Systems with thermal insulation to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between internal and external side of the frame. It is the best solution for people who require optimum protection from cold, heat as well as noise ensuring ideal conditions at the internal spaces.