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Interior Doors "Marketeri"

Special door for special demands. Combination of veneer with marketeri design. Combination of wood – glass – aluminum. All the above create a door with personality.


Door leaf construction
The leaf consists of a wooden frame filled with stabilizing core “honeycomb” and is covered on both sides with MDF.

Frame construction
The frame is made of blockboard and the trim is plywood.

Finishing – Coating
The leaf, the door frame and trim, are coated with various wood veneer colors and finished with water-based colors (environmentally and user friendly) from a wide range of colors.

Standard equipment
• Three bolt hinge, simple interior lock and rubber.
• The color of the standard hardware are yellow (gold)

Extra equipment
• Changing color from yellow to hardware inox.
• Dual bolt hinges with three settings in yellow and inox.
• Lock “mediana”, safety lock, safe lock (only for door entry), cylindrical locks, magnetic lock, WC magnetic & standard lock.
• Rod aluminum 10mm x 3 mm or 5mm x 3mm or 4mm (Rounded).
• Box window.
• The door frame is produced squared and can have a 10cm trim.

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