Innovative Aluminium Systems

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Folding Doors

folding 1200x600

Eurodomica’s Folding Systems have been designed to provide excellent functionality and high ergonomic solutions. As transparent transitions or discreet room dividers, they create generous gateways to the outside. It is ideal for covering large apertures in hotels, houses and entertainment places. Features, design and technology are, of course, at the highest level, and offer everything you could demand. A big advantage of this system is the construction of odd or even, left or right, inwards or outwards opening sashes which cover all architectural demands.

- The sliding Movement is achieved by a Special Designed Mechanism for perfect and silent function

- Sashes could close right or left, inwards or outwards

- Waterproofing gaskets which provide full insulation and maximum resistance to bad weather conditions

- Construction flexibility of openable leaves, covering all the architectural requirements