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Security Doors

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Eurodomica Security Doors Collection, is the result of continuous research and effort to create special series which combine quality, safety, aesthetics and durability with timeless and absolute shielding. They provide high technical standards, adequate to meet every architectural requirement and every customer need. We offer a wide variety of proposals that offer exceptional potentials. You can choose what suites your space, from a wide variety of designs and materials. The company is constantly offering updated plans that follow the modern design and architectural trends, always combined with the highest technical specifications that will ensure the absolute and timeless security.

thorakismeni texnikaTechnical Specifications

- Dual hot galvanized steel armor FLAT closed type, thickness 1 mm and the total thickness of the chassis 6 cm.

- Two inner steel (BOX) ribs, for mechanical rigidity of the sheet, protection of the hinges and locking mechanisms.

- Six galvanized stable security pistons, mounted in special reinforced steel bases, welded on both surfaces.

- A mobile security plunger at the top.

- Two or four or six mobile security side pistons (top and bottom).

- A manually operated piston dual function a) Partial opening (banana) b) sheet blocking Interior (Sirte night).

- Internal security lock gear or simple, five-point double catapult and European security cylinder, protected externally with a special steel accessory (Defender).

- Movement windshield sealing the bottom of the door, limiting the air flow.

- Peephole control 200 degrees.

- Steel side profile, painted with electrostatic furnace paint with perimeter foam sealant to curb investment.

- Two steel adjustable hinges heavy duty, with double ball pins, for high durability and long loads.

Metallic frame

High hardness steel sheet, 1,5 mm thick

Closed (Hollow) exceptional resistance to twisting and bending.

Painted with electrostatic paint oven, and perimeter seal.

All components and raw materials are high quality with the certificates European Union and produced exclusively in Greece and Europe.